5000 Montrose

Houston Montrose / Museum District condominium options that await you. Having close access to both Montrose and the Museum District is just one the features to consider with this high-rise. After all, you are talking about two of the premiere neighborhoods in one of the best cities in Texas. At the same time, there are a number of features to this Montrose/Museum District highrise in 77006 that are worth appreciating on their own terms.

Taken as a whole, there is so much to this building and region to appreciate. In fact, when you consider the long list of benefits associated with this Houston Montrose/Museum District highrise for sale, it is easy to become a little overwhelmed!

As the name of the building implies, 5000 Montrose is located at 5000 Montrose Road. Built in 1981, this high-rise offers a range of floor plans, spread out across the 122 units that are available. This is a 22-story building, which means residents and visitors will always have the chance to enjoy some fairly breathtaking views of Montrose, the Museum District, and much more.

This high-rise in Houston Montrose/Museum District offers a number of amenities and features to residents. Bordered by a lovely, long line of beautiful trees, the apartments available at 5000 Montrose can be as large as nearly 3000 square feet. Valet parking and dry-cleaning services are extended to residents, and you will also be able to take advantage of such perks as concierge services, a swimming pool, a party room, and so much more. This is yet another example of a Montrose/Museum District high-rise in 77006 that knows how to take care of its residents.

High-Rise Description

The 270-degree view of the city will be exciting on its own terms. However, when you feel the need to venture beyond your home to discover everything Montrose and the Museum District has to offer, you will find out why this area is so intensely desired by would-be residents. The Museum District is the cultural hub of Houston, but it also offers a great deal in the way of restaurants, local shops, bars, cafes, parks, and more. Montrose offers a great deal of the same, while also making it easy to get to places like Downtown Houston and the Galleria. 5000 Montrose is also a Houston Montrose/Museum District high-rise condominium that can get you to Rice Military in hardly any time at all.


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"5000 Montrose"