Upper Kirby Highrise For Rent

Upper Kirby Highrise For Rent

Upper Kirby apartments for rent in Houston, TX — Houston is witnessing an upsurge in its real estate sector. There are many areas that are coming up as posh sectors meant for residential purposes. Looking for an appropriate apartment for rent is no longer challenging these days, as there is a free resource at Highrise-Houston for renters. Rather than search for hours on your own you can enlist the service of inner loop Realtor, Vicky Cedillo at Highrise-Houston. We have access to EVERY rental in Houston including the finest high rise and loft properties.

If looking for suitable Upper Kirby apartments for rent in Houston, TX, you can use the services of a highly reliable Realtor, Vicky Cedillo who not only lines up several properties for you to look but also make the entire process of renting an apartment quite easy and hassle free. One Realtor who can help to look for a perfect apartment is Vicky Cedillo, who can offer a perfect option depending on the needs and budget.

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  • Avenue Grove

    With so many Houston highrise buildings to consider, start your experience with Grove Apartment. This high rise apartment for rent can be found in Upper Kirby, which continues to be one of the most popular areas in the... (Read more)

    $1,625.00$2,770.00 Select options
  • Belle Meade

    The Belle Meade apartments are located in the River Oaks/Upper Kirby district boasts some of the most spacious, unique floor plans inside the loop.  Each floorplan demonstrates a significant attention to every detail. The Belle Meade offers one... (Read more)

    $2,663.00$3,681.00 Select options
  • Kirby Collection

    Kirby Collection is a truly unique example of a highrise apartment in Houston Upper Kirby. This remarkable entity is a mixed-use building that is designed to appeal to residents, shoppers, and businesspeople. The end result is one of... (Read more)

    $2,800.00$9,925.00 Select options