Medical Center Highrise For Rent

Medical Center Highrise For Rent

Medical Center and Museum District highrise apartments for rent — Houston is one of the prominent cities in Texas, USA. Many people visit this destination for a variety of reasons and look for suitable high-rise apartments for rent. Usually, people prefer to stay in prominent areas so that major landmark of the city and easily accessible. One of the regions that is fast becoming one of the sought after residential areas is Medical Center and Museum District. Today, the city has become a highly competitive field, especially for the builders as some of the major players in the world of construction are based here. This city offers a variety of housing options in various price bands. The choice in Medical Center and Museum district apartments for rent is ample and everyone gets something of his or her choice depending on the budget.

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  • 5755 Hermann Park

    In terms of Medical Center apartments for rent, strongly consider the potential value of 5755 Hermann Park. These Houston highrise apartments for rent will give you a nice indication of just how impressive this area truly is. Whether... (Read more)

    $1,225.00$2,495.00 Select options
  • Allusion West University

    Looking for apartments near Rice University in the West University area? You’ve found them. With a neighborhood like this you’ll never want to move again. Apartments in West University are surrounded by tree lined streets, stately homes and... (Read more)

    $1,280.00$2,270.00 Select options
  • Carter

    Expressing interest in one of the newest high-rise apartments in Houston, The Carter in Montrose is enlightened by modern luxuries. An elegant one-, two-, three-bedroom or penthouse high-rise apartments for rent in Houston at The Carter is exactly where you want... (Read more)

    $1,950.00$5,010.00 Select options
  • District 28

    District 28 is just one neat example of a high rise for rent in Houston. However, when it comes to highrise apartments for rent in this area, you’re going to find District 28 to be one of the... (Read more)

    $1,420.00$1,865.00 Select options
  • Hanover Southampton

    Located at 5122 Morningside Drive, Hanover Southampton is a tremendous example of a highrise apartment in Houston Medical Center. Simply in terms of apartment features and building amenities, you are going to find a number of factors about... (Read more)

    $2,300.00$5,650.00 Select options
  • Latitude Med Center

    Since opening its doors just one year ago, Latitude Med Center has become one of the finest and most luxurious highrise in Houston Medical Center options to be found anywhere. Combining a highly desirable location with some of... (Read more)

    $1,385.00$6,325.00 Select options